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Xanga- 8/4/05

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Hey everybody! Short post! Finally!

Has anyone heard of these CD’s?  Apparently they have  string quartets play lots of different band and artists’s music.  After searching on Amazon a bit, I saw Yellowcard, Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, U2, Kiss, Radiohead, The Cure, Aerosmith, Clay Aiken, Rush, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audioslave, the Foo Fighters, and MMMMAAAANNNNYYYY MORE!

Go to Amazon and type in “String Quartet tribute to” in the search box, or add in your favorite band to see if they have one…

I’m thinking of getting one of the Killers (so I won’t have to listen to their terrible lyrics… grr… welll… I’ll get into that later…) or Switchfoot or Relient K…



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at camp we sang “Madly in Love” at counselors meeting
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Week Two at Camp

My Cabin- Nine 11 and 12 year olds



Hayden– Top Row, Left-  He was definitely the honor camper of our cabin.  It was really cool.  He’d pay attention and participate in devotions.  But what I found really cool was that in a group of guys that found devotions kind of boring and pointless and whatever- one day I asked for someone to pray to close of the devotion.  I had taken them out to the fishing dock and talked on wisdom, which I understand wasn’t so easy to understand… Understand?  Well, while everyone else sat, looking around and tearing their Bibles apart (yes, literally tearing off the cover!) Hayden didn’t just raise his hand or say “I’ll pray”- He stood up and walked up next to me and bowed his head.  I just thought that was so awesome!  Also, he provided one of the funny comments of the week.  We were out at 22s and I, having not shot a 22 for four or five years, was finding it… ehem…. difficult to get the shell out after shooting… so, while shooting and even with earmuffs on, while struggling to get the shell out of the chamber, heard Hayden say, “I THINK UNO HAS PROBLEMS.” (and I do) I just broke out laughing and shot a scorpion.  No, I’m just kidding.  No shot scorpion.  Just laughter. Oh yeah, and also one time during rest time I was letting them read some books I brought and I offered him a book while he was reading the Bible… I realized my foolishness later…


Chauncey– Well, I’d better be careful what I write.  Chauncey was disrespectful and had a bad attitude and thought the world was out to get him- but other than that he was great.  One night, we had a “talk” and I learned a lot about him, but don’t want to say.  Unfortunately, he hated Justin (my co counselor) but liked me.  So it put me in a hard position… anyway…


Dante’– Dante’ was Chauncey’s partner in crime.  He was normally very good and nice but sometimes… anyway… He was cool.


Mark (I think… oh man, I’m already forgetting names…anyway)- He was good and never a problem.  I think…


Tyler– Well, Tyler was funny.  Sometimes (actually almost all the time) he didn’t pay attention and during a game of UNO I’d turn to him and tell him it’s his turn and he’d just look at me wide-eyed and go, “What?!”… Also, he was Catholic so there were some things we had to settle out related to salvation and other things… His dad is in Iraq, and we always prayed for him…


Jared– Yep, same kid from the first group.  It was harder for him this time because last time he was the oldest in a group of little kids, and now he was the youngest in a group of big kids… but he was good.

Nick A.K.A Blitz– He was really cool.  Each night, though, he wanted to go home, and he almost went home a few times… but fortunately he got to stay the whole week.  He made up this awesome joke which I tried to convince him to tell at Night Show… it went something like this…

A guy walks into a barbershop wearing headphone and listening to a CD Player.  He sits down for a haircut and the barber says, “You’re gonna have to take those off”.  The guy says, “I can’t.  I’ll die if I do.”  The barber says, “No you won’t!”  They go at it a little bit, and the man finally takes off the headphones.  The barber begins to cut and 20 seconds later the man collapses on the floor.  He dies.  The barber then listens to what the man was listening to. “…. in…  Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out…”

It was so good.  I’m just bad at telling jokes.


Sponge– Sponge was so funny and always got really excited about stuff.  Yeah.


Landon– He was my other problem kid.  He was defiant and disobedient.  He was disrespectful to us as his counselors.  But he really was normally good.  He also had nosebleeds, and one day I had to rush him downstairs to get some paper towels because he was having a MAJOR nosebleed…


MY SR. COUNSELOR- Justin A.K.A. Counselor Romaine (because he insisted there was a lettuce that grew up- Romaine!)- He was my favorite Sr. Counselor to work with all summer.  He and I worked together well in good teamwork.  I remember that I never had a real good impression of him- he always seemed really mean and rude.  But I was wrong.  He was really caring towards kid and really kind to others.  I truly am glad I got to be his JC.


OH YEAH AND OUR CIT- Brenden AKA Counselor Cracker (simply because he was white)- He was the CIT that was sent to my cabin the first week, so fortunately I already got to know him and he really liked the kids, so I was glad to get him.  He was cool.


Notable events

I was working the canteen shack right around the time of the COUNSELOR HUNT, so I didn’t get to hide.  BIG SAD FACE…

FISHING– We went fishing and the kids weren’t catching anything and started to complain.  So I grabbed a pole, walked out there on the dock, put in the line, and 20 seconds later had a fish 12 inches or longer hooked on.  I lost it, but encouraged the others to keep at it.  In the end we caught a 10 inch catfish, 2 turtles, 2 or 3 fish, and two more attempts at catching that elusive fish- once it pulled off my hook, the second time it snapped the hook in half!

For BANQUET, we drew the Incredibles logo with Sharpies on T-Shirts and gave one to each of the kids.


I can’t remember that much of anything else… Oh yeah… other campers I got to know that week…


NATHAN– He goes to my church, and I was at camp as a JC last year when he was there.  He was cool.


JOEY– Although he looked like a girl (BURN!… jk), he was really friendly.  His dad worked at a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant and Joey was shocked when he found out I had never eaten at one before.  And he was horrified when I revealed that I didn’t even like cheesecake!


HUNTER– Oh man. That was scary.  One night we had a major pillow fight.  He got hit in the head with a door and went to the hospital.  It was scary.  But he turned out okay.  IT was good, seeing as he went to my school and I didn’t want to be known as the guy who was at the camp where that kid died…


PAUL AND PATRICK– Two Asian kids.  Easily confused with each other.  At least for me.


“DRAGON”– a cute little redheaded kid in Noah’s Ark that always smiled at me… you gotta love those little kids.


JACOB AKA “JX”- He was one of my favorite campers.  I don’t know why.  He just was.


YODA”- He growled scarily.


MIICHAEL– He was one of my other favorite campers.  He was just really friendly and cool.


WILL STONE AND PETER DAVIDHEIZER– They just can’t be separated.  The Stones and the Davidheizers are just like one big big BIG FAMILY.  Anyway, they both were really fun.  Will was hard to dunk in the pool, but I’d always get him eventually.  And Peter- I gave him the nickname of Petey D (SAY IT A COUPLE TIMES REALLY FAST!!!) to take on when he becomes a counselor in 7 years.  It’s because his family has a whole bunch of people with that sort of nickname- Johnny D, Jimmy D, BB D, etc, etc.  Anyway- also, in the pool, I would launch him into the air and he would do a certain pose (the Thinking man, a model, making owl eyes with your fingers, etc.) and then go back down. It was crazy cool!


STEVEN AND MARK– Actually, I met Mark the first week when he was just Kitchen Staff, and I saw him now and again around the pool, but I wasn’t sure if he was 10 or if he was 18, so I just kind of ignored him.  Turns out he was 11, and actually one of my campers!  Except, he got sick, and never really got to be a part of the cabin.  Steven was his brother who also got sick.  They both had an older brother named John that I had known in the past.  Anyways, it was always fun to fight them in the pool, because Mark went down easy, but Steven would put up a GOOD fight.


This was definitely our best CIT group.  The first week at Fireside, when Mr. D had counselors and campers come up and say something they learned or experienced or liked and throw a piece of kindling in the fire.  Well, the entire girls CIT group went up, hand in hand, and said they learned unity that week.  And I saw it too.  I didn’t get to know the girls as much, but the guys I knew were good leaders.  YO-YO was fun, but also really giving.  BRAYDEN took on challenges well.  NAPOLEON loved his little Noah’s Ark kids, and I sympathized with him, due to my long work in Noah’s Ark.  And CRACKER- well he was really overall good.


I will take this moment to discuss how Cat Fly Bacon became part of the Yellow Ribbon.

One day at canoes I went over to the Blob and watched some kids blob and get blobbed.  Then I saw some kids, Peter Davidheizer get their stuff from a bench, and Peter started to put his shirt on.  Then he flung it off, screaming “ANTS! ANTS!”  Then that night, he had a dream and started talking and he said “CAT FLY BACON”.  He won the yellow ribbon for that story (entitled “Ants”), and from then on, people would write up someone, and then write “P.S. Cat Fly Bacon”… and then we had different variants, like “Dog Walk Pork” or “Cow Dance Chicken”… aw, good times, good times…




Good week.  But it was hard because of two campers.  I loved getting to know all sorts of different kids.  It was awesome.  I really loved this week.  From 1 to 10, I’d rate it an8.92.



Xanga- 8/3/05

Ok, this is Evan.  For the next hour or so I will be typing on a computer that could freeze up on me any second now.  So, where do I begin?

I guess I should go chronologically- Starting with camp.

I spent four weeks at Camp Good News in New Waverly (near Huntsville) as a Junior Counselor.  I worked with a certain cabin and also got to know all sorts of other kids.  The first week I worked I worked with 7, 8, 9, and almost 10 year olds… big age range.  The second week I worked with 11 and 12 year olds.  The third week I worked with 7 year olds from Star of Hope.  The fourth and final week for me I worked with 11, 12, and 13 year olds.  Boy, was it hard… but it was fun.

Fortunately the week after the first week of camp I wrote down memories.  All the other weeks are all jumbled up in my head… but this one is very comprehensive.  So here it is- my first week of the summer…

Well, I will go through each week bit by bit and see if it comes out okay.


I worked with Noah’s Ark, the youngest kids ages 7-9, with Daniel, AKA Pinto due to his Hispanic heritage, for the first week.  Here is our cabin picture. http://forestglen.gospelcom.net/assets/images/db_images/db_IMG_4702w4.jpg

Well, that first kid with the Norwegian-American t-shirt… whew… we sure had problems with him… boy, i hated him so much… gosh!  errr!  garrr!  Anyway, moving on…

Travis– was okay, very quiet most of the times, pretty good most of the time. Wesley (back row)- Well, Wesley was interesting.  He and his brother Dillon were there together, and sometimes he was a hassle, but overall, he was cool.  I’m pretty sure I took him to the nurse more than ten times (six or seven being in one day!).  It was hard trying to describe how The Church is Christ’s Bride to him…

Charles– He ended up getting our Cabin Award.  He was so awesome!  And he was only seven!  He would always walk up to me and look up at me, and so I would always figure something was wrong and would ask “What’s wrong?” and he would just look at me and say… “Hewwo”

Dillon– Sigh.  Boy, Dillon was a handful.  Actually he was more than a handful… he was six handfuls, seeing as me and Daniel sometimes had to rely on Tim and Phil for help with him.  He got saved that week!  It was awesome!  However, he was still very young, and made me think that 7 year olds weren’t ready for camp… but then again we had charles…

Nicholas– Boy, Nicholas was cool.  He had a brother that I remember from two years ago.  But Nick was cool cause he really liked to talk about God and the Bible and other subjects.  I remember that during the week he told me he wrote a song about Judgement Day, and he got really excited about becoming a songwriter and becoming famous and teaching others about God… he was so funny.

Daniel– He was awesome to work with.  He was a lifeguard in the past, so it was his first time to be a Sr. Counselor, or a counselor at all, but I think he did awesome.  We really just shared the responsibilities and had tons of fun.  It was hard sometimes, but we worked all things out.

Antoine– (bottom row, far left)- Boy, Antoine was just funny to see sometimes.  He was pretty cool.  He snored.  That wasn’t cool.  Anyway, he was just a fun part of our cabin.

Jared– I knew him last year, since he was the son of the nurse and braeden mcdonald’s (a cit in my cabin last year) little brother.  He was pretty cool, and it felt like he was a third counselor sometimes.  He had a passion to study the verses.

Chris– He was quiet, but then he would talk alot.  He was pretty funny.  When we did gatekeeper, he put down an interesting answer.  Yeah.

Adam– He was very good, and I didn’t have to discipline him very much at all.

Other campers

The Twins- Ben (with the Bump) and Caleb– I knew them last year, so when I saw them again this year I was happy.  They are both so funny, but can be though-provoking, if you know what I mean…

Dillon– Big D- The one thing I remember about him was how when he worshiped, he had his eyes closed and sang with his heart.  Sometimes he was off key, but he worshiped in “spirit and in truth”.  I wish I could have told him how awesome that was.

John– I had to ask him his name 4 or 5 or 6 times before I got it.  Once when I asked it, he told it to me and said, “You should know it by now.  I’ve told you 5 times now.”           I made sure I knew his name after that

Critter– He won the Bible Award, and was really friendly with everyone.  He was also great at dodgeball, and whenever I got him out and he asked why I told him because he was the MVP of the team…

Daniel– Was really quiet, but played the piano like Bach… He also looked like the kid from Sixth Sense…

Vaughn– Um, I… never mind… yeah…

Austin– Really small and quiet.  Hardly EVER talked.  It was fun to talk to him sometimes.

Cody– yellow ribbon, big smile… ha ha

Hayden– Pretty awesome

Counselors- in one word

Jacob- Friendly.  John- Quiet.  Darryl- Cool.  Robert- In-Control.  Dr. Phil- Entertaining.  Tim- McAwesome.  Pixie- Sweet (like a pixie stick… ha ha ha).  Lauren (Nanny Fran)- Funny.  Sarah- Fun-loving.  Deseree- Fun.  Tammy- Smile.  Matt- Jocular.  Jadin- Scary.  Kory- Loving.

Activities we had

Fishing– fished with hamburger meat that fell off the hook.  AKA- we caught nothing.

Counselor Hunt– I didn’t get caught!  I hid by the lake and crouched behind my backpack and people came and went, and NEVER SAW ME!  Even when Mark came by with my campers, Antoine sat down and was sitting right in front of me and didn’t see me!!! It was so cool not to get caught.

BBs– We think Wesley might have shot his hand with a BB…

Archery– The kids couldn’t reach that far back…

Blob– The Kids FLEW!!!

Ropes– The kids did the zipline and loved it, except it was scary when Adam lost all feeling in his hands…

Dodgeball– it wasn’t an actual official activity.  Just at free time we played it a lot.  It was one of the best things ever!  I loved it… especially since as a counselor, I was a lot better than the kids… Also sometimes we’d play counselors versus campers- i.e.- murder!

Crazy games– I only got to play about one of them… (kids complaining about ants, prickles, water, shoes, sun, etc. which meant me sitting with them and watching them)… it was good.

Pool time– Throwing kids in the water = always fun

Talent Show

Well, this was one of the most comprehensive talent shows evah!  EVAH!  Basically, there were three things we incorporated together.

1.       The Sin Box

2.       Real Life Situations

3.       Dancin’

Listen.  The song “You are God Alone is playing in the background.”  The first part had one of the kids- Wesley- walking with Jesus, when he steps in the Sin Box (a little cardboard box that is stuck on his foot).  Then he goes through three situations.  The first is a bunch of kids disobeying their dad (me!), and Wesley joins in on it.  The second was a classroom where a bunch of kids throw paper wads at the teacher, and he joins in again.  The third is a cabin trying to have devotions, but the kids have a pillow fight and he joins in again.  Then, my memory gets a little hazy.  Basically, Jesus takes the box.  Then Wesley goes through the situations again, but does the right thing.  Then Jesus is crucified while standing in the box and Wesley bows down before Him.  Scene.

The second part has three different situations in which kids hear those two voices on their shoulders, one telling them to do the wrong thing and one telling them to do the right thing.  The first part had some kids playing a basketball game and one kids fouls Antoine.  He then runs up and is about to hit the kid when someone yells “FREEZE!”.  Phil was the “bad” voice, and I was the “good” one.  (Wow! Me? Good? Nah!) Phil tried to convince Antoine to hit him and I try to stop him.  Antoine hits him anyway, and then gets in trouble.  We rewind and redo it, and when he doesn’t hit the kid, he is commended.  The second scene has a classroom with some kids taking a test and one kids is tempted to cheat.  Same thing.  Finally, we staged a dodge ball fight in which a kid gets out and tries to hide it. Same thing.  It was good.

Finally, we turned some music on and the kids danced.  Boo Yah!


It was fun.  I found it hard to have little kids and an unexperienced Sr. Counselor (not that he was bad- just it was his first time working as a counselor).  It was fun getting to know other kids.  I loved it there.  On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst seven days of my life and 10 being perfect, I’d rate this week as a 7.75.

Buh bye.

Counselor Uno



Xanga- 8/2/05



Wow.  It’s been a big summer.  And so far I have not written about almost any of it… four weeks of camp and two weeks of college searching… man…

does anybody sometimes feel as if they have so much to say but just can’t write it all down? if you have felt that way before raise your hands…

I know if you didn’t raise your hand… I’m watching you!!!

anywho… i have so much to write so i will probably write a little tidbit every day until there’s no more…












B O O   Y A H ! ! !