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Worship – 1/31/07

Idols in Worship / Distractions in Worship / Focuses in Worship / What Worship is really about / Hmm…


We often love to enter into worship through music and song, but I believe that in today’s worship circles, there are many idols that can overtake a person’s mind, soul, body, and spirit, so that their worship, focus, self is not directed to God, but something less important…

1. THE SOUND- After a time of worship, people always will say “Wow, that sounded really good” or “That sounded terrible”. In our definition of worship, music seems to be the main dish, with everything else as side dishes. Worship = Music (and nothing else) for some people. But, as my good pal Ross King would say, “Worship is more than a song”. The truth is, we get to caught up in the music. During the time, we think about: how are the speakers sounding, did they sing that in the right key, this sounds different than the original, I love this song!, this doesn’t sound as good as it did last week, I don’t like his voice/guitar/instrument, I don’t like the flow of the music, and so on and so forth. I think Matt Redman put it best here, “When the music fades, all is stripped away, and I simply come”. For so many people, when they think of worship, they just think of the music… it’s easy to do that. They are very connected, I’m not saying they are not. But worship is so much more than music. But some people make the music their “all”. But when the music changes or there is silence or something happens, and their “all” is stripped away, what do they do? Some people walk away. Matt says we should enter into worship, music or not, whether it sounds good or not!

2. WORSHIP LEADER- Off the top of my head I can think of David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Ross King, Robbie Seay, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall, Watermark, Leeland, Shane and Shane, Darrell Evans, Todd Proctor, Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Spur 58, Todd Agnew, and many more… these people can be idols… “I love this song… I love any song by Charlie Hall”… “Oh, it’s another Crowder song, great!” … “I can’t stand Jeremy Camp’s worship”… etc. etc. etc. We idolize these people and set them up as the focus. But even looking at our own personal worship times at church or school or wherever, we put our focus on the worship leader. The room is usually built that way… big stage, lots of lights, all the chairs directed the the center of the stage where the worship leader sits or stands and says “This isn’t about me”… hard, isn’t it. Everything points to them, but you’re not supposed to focus on them… The layout is so much like a concert… Really a worship leader is simply a person who uses the gifts that God has given them and uses them to help other people worship God… a worship leader can lead the way, but can’t make people follow… and yes, we like to hear from the worship leaders (and I know I’m guilty of this) but we already get a sermon from the pastor… it’s hard… i see things both ways. Well, sometimes I wonder what it was like when Asaph and the Sons of Korah led worship… were they at the front, the back, the sides, the middle, in amongst the people…? I wonder… anyway, our focus is often on the leader and their personality and character, and not God’s…

3. THE LOOK- usually referring to the format of the presentation of the words- do they look interesting? are they colorful? Do they capture your attention? Do they make you think? Do they help the words and music? Are they distracting? Are they ugly? Can you read them? Can you understand them? Sometimes we just look at the slides and praise how creatively done they are (I’m guilty of working for hours on slides… *slap myself on wrist*)… We praise the beautiful slides, but what about the beautiful God? And then if a slide comes in too late or early, people freak out!!! or if one word is wrong, then people are screaming bloody murder!!! once again, it is a tool to help us worship, not the thing we are to focus on itself…

4. THE WORDS- We like certain songs because the words flow, the words sound good, they sound real, they rhyme, they contain vital biblical truth, they are so mysterious and symbolic, and so on. But more often than not WE SING THE FREAKIN’ WORDS WITHOUT EVEN THINKING ABOUT WHAT WE ARE SAYING!!!!!!! we shouldn’t focus on them completely, but we should know what we are declaring to God! They are a tool, we can take it and use it… but often people just look at what the song says and agree or disagree or (more often than not) sing it without a thought in the world… sad…

There are also Distractions, Hindrances, in Worship

1. The Flesh- Hunger, Tiredness, Boredome
2. Other People- Talkers, Disrupters, Nonparticipaters
3. Too much focus on any of the above
4. Electronics- phone, ipod, other devices
5. People going in and out
6. Breaks in the worship flow
7. Outside sounds- from other rooms, from the hall
8. The Setting- worship outside can be tragic for some ADD people

There are things we think about too much in Worship

1. Any of the above
2. Schoolwork
3. Other activities
4. Our friends and family
5. Our plans
6. Our worries
7. Our regretfulness over past actions of the day
8. What people are thinking of us
9. What we might do differen in a worship service (big one for me)
10. What is wrong with people
11. Problems
12. Food

Things that are important, despite everything else, in worship

1. Excellence- We can make sound a god, but we should do everything excellently. We are to do everything as for God not man, and bring the best of our abilities into worship (specifically worship leading). Exodus 23:19 says “Bring the best of the firstfruits of your soil to the house of the LORD your God.” We need to pursue excellence, but NOT MAKE AN IDOL OUT OF IT!

2. Attitude- What is your approach? Why are you here? What do you want to do here? Who is God? Who are you? What is worship? You should know all this so you know how to think, act, sing, listen, learn, grow, how to be in the worship service. 2 Chronicles 19:9 says “He gave them these orders: “You must serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in the fear of the LORD.” Our spiritual act of worship is serving God with our whole life, right? Well, to serve we must do it wholeheartedly (excellence) and with the appropriate attitude: ultimately fear of the Lord- awe, respect, fear, and understanding who God is and who You are…

3. Focus- What you focus on is your god. Short and simple. You can do other things than pray, read the Bible, go to church, and worship, but what is your focus in all of this? God. And in worship, you need to focus on God. Devotion. Obsession. Focus on Him. In Nehemiah 5:16, Nehemiah says to God “Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall” Some might say, “OH Well, he should have been in church more often…” but really, though he was focused and devoted to the working/building of the wall. he was really devoting Himself and focusing on serving God.

4. The Heart’s Love- Ultimately, it all comes down to love. What does your heart love? Do you love worship? not just music, or worship leaders, or your church, or the words, or the songs, but spending time in prayer and praise to God? In Luke 12:34, Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”… So is your heart beating for your clothes, your possesions, your appearance, your works, is the treasure that you desire with all your heart and soul and mind and being God or some temporary thing? What do you love? What does your heart beat for?

5. Your Life- Your Life is the sacrifice God wants… but not to burn it and throw out the ashes… he wants to transform you and make you new… but He wants you to give over your life to Him… Paul urges the Romans in Romans 12:1, “offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.” Giving it all over. Surrender. Complete service. Living for God as a living sacrifice”

All of the other elements of worship are external… but God looks at the heart.

1 Chronicles 28:9- David tells his son Solomon
“And you, my son Solomon, acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with awilling mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts. If you seek him, he will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.”

(acknowledge- let God be the one you love, serve-let your worship be your life, wholehearted- do it to the best of your being, devotion- focus on God, willing mind- approach Him with the right attitude)

James writes
“Draw Near to God and He will Draw Near to You” !

Ultimately, we worship all throughout our life. We just choose what we worship, what is important, what we draw near to- The things of this earth, or the One of Eternity… Hmmm…



Change and Chocolate Milk – 1/29/07

How do you change the little things to change the big thing?- A conversation with me and the Know-It-Alls / And a talk of Chocolate Milk


I want to have a new life. I want to live the life of Jesus Christ, Him in me and through me.

But how?

“Read the Bible”
“Go to church”
“umm… read the Bible?”
– Johnny and Sally Know-It-All

But how do I change my attitude? My habits? My characteristics? My sinful practices? My skills? My diligence? My heart? My inside? My treatment of others? My words? My thoughts? My mind? My soul? My following? My friends? My choices? My actions? How?

“Well, you don’t change yourself, Jesus changes You”
– Sally Know-It-All

But God gives us free will. It says in James that if I draw near to God, He will draw near to me. What I do affects what He does. So if I want Him to change me (it’s true- that’s the big thing) I have to work at changing myself. It says in 1st John that we will be like Him when He returns, and that everyone who has this hope purifies himself. He is going to do the job, but within Him working, we work. He uses us to do His work.

So how can I change?

“Ask WWJD. What would Jesus do?”
– Johnny Know-it-all

Well, what if I don’t know what a Jewish carpenter/teacher from the 1st century of Israel would think.

“Silly, Jesus is God. Just ask: What Would God do?”
– Sally Know-It-All

Yeah, but we know that God does everything right, right? Okay, so no matter what He does, he doesn’t have to worry about doing anything wrong, right? Well, I’m not God. And while I can ask “What Would God Do?” (WWGD… hmm… not as catchy as WWJD), I really can’t answer that.

“Well that’s why you read your Bible, pray, and go to church”
– Johnny and Sally in Unison

Yeah, but that aside, say I have read and studied and prayed and talked and listened and learned and have done all that. So when it comes to the regular school day, how do I know what to do? I suppose I am supposed to suppose the personification of a perfect being, right? Okay…

  • Checklist
  • Do everything right
  • Follow every instruction
  • Obey every leader
  • Love everyone
  • Speak the truth
  • Be holy and righteous

Wait, so what do I do when the teacher tells us to work in our books and someone asks for help and I know I shouldn’t talk but I know I should help, so what do I do? Brain defunction!!!

“Hmm… that’s a tricky one. Why don’t you pray about it?”- Johnny

Okay, so I pray. I don’t get an answer. What then?

“Um… do what the Bible says?”- Sally

I don’t remember any verses about doing homework and assisting a classmate. What about some help from today?

“Um… church?”- Johnny (gulp!)

Yeah, but the pastor has never brought this situation up. If I obey, I don’t love. If I love, I disobey. If I disobey, I don’t love, and If I love, I obey. what do I do?

“Wait… what… hold on… did you get that… um… um… BRAIN DEFUNCTION! BRAIN DEFUNCTION!”- Sally and Johnny drop to the floor, their heads crack open, revealing their robot brains within

So now the Know-It-Alls are gone, let’s really think. How can I be more like Christ?

In Obedience versus Love what did He choose?- LOVE. Not that he disobeyed (somehow he managed against those rules), but he always chose to love others (even loving the Pharisees by showing them all their mess, i believe)

In Being Quiet versus Being Loud, what did He choose? LOUDNESS. He spoke out against the bad, but what about with people outside his circle or the less mature people. He didn’t speak out against their sin, first He loved. He was loud and present, but not annoying (except maybe the Pharisees

In Serving versus Being Taken Advantage of– He SERVED. I’m always afraid of being taken advantage of, when I give money or help others, but really, Jesus offers to be taken advantage of. He gives water and bread without end, the Spirit without limit, He goes the extra mile, He pours out His being for the world… I can pour mine out too, right?

In Reading the Bible versus Getting Involved in others– He chose to GET INVOLVED. Sometimes I feel like sitting and reading my Bible instead of talking to people. Now, reading God’s Word is always good, but if you look at Jesus, he chose to be one on one with God at certain times, but He knew that his ministry, his whole reason for being there was to bring in people. I have that mission too.

In Blending in versus Standing Out, he STOOD OUT. Yes, he sometimes slipped among people and had a face that didn’t stand out, but when He had the choice, He chose to be an example, a teacher, a leader, a sore thumb, a bright light, a bright red polka dot amongst a sheet of gray fabric. How can I stand out?

The thing is, how can Jesus be seen in me? Jesus had it easy. He was Jesus. His being was His own. He did not have to empty himself to put on Christ Jesus or have an attitude like Jesus Christ. Jesus was Jesus. But I’m not. I’m Evan. I have the body, the soul, the spirit, the mind, the attitude, the character, the self, the being of Evan. What am I supposed to do? Empty myself and fill myself with the life of a Jewish Carpenter? That would be great, but really, how can I do it? Can I hold on to my feelings, my likes, my skills, talents, abilities, gifts? Do I have to lose everything and take it back up again?

Am I more like a glass of milk that is poured out and then filled with chocolate milk, or am I milk that has chocolate syrup poured in me to make me more and more chocolatey. In the first, the emptying and the filling couldn’t be gradual, because the milk would slip out of the glass and cling to the outside. It would have to be one fell swoop- Out Me, In Jesus. But with the second, I am still the certain milk with the certain flavor, certain feel, certain being- then the chocolate comes in, sweeter than anything, and intensifies my being. The chocolate makes me sweeter, thicker, stronger, darker, better.

So, am I Jesus in Evan’s skin or Evan with the being of Jesus flowing into me? How does it flow? By reading God’s Word, taking pieces, eating it, chewing it over and letting it become part of me. By praying and relaxing and talking to Him, opening my heart and soul to Him to let the chocolate pour in. By replacing all my bad things- habits, interests, sins- with good things. By looking at certain qualities in the Bible and trying to improve myself in that area. By getting involved with other people so that I can breathe in God’s love as He hovers over them. By losing my energy running after Him so that when I catch Him and have times of worship and intimacy, I am charged back up again.

So, is it true? Can I really be me with Jesus? Can we be two in one? Can I still be me? Can I be my milk?

I want a new life. So God pour into me Your Life, so that all the scum floating at the top of my milk would go away and be washed away. Chocolatify me so that I taste and smell more like You!!!



God’s Presence – 1/28/07

Yes, we know that God is near us. But when we don’t feel Him, we say that He has left us. When we feel bad we feel like He’s not there.

Well, we all love the God of comfort, but how do we feel about the Man of Sorrows? The God that uses pain and suffering to teach lessons and discipline us? How about the God of Wrath? Is it possible that when we don’t get that “nice” feeling, it’s not because God’s presence has left us or anything, but simply that God is with us, and another part of His nature overshadows us…


A SONG (Flowing out of my mind and onto the page)

I reach up my hands to touch the cloud of your presence
I want to feel You floating over me
I want your comfort to rain down and your power to flow through me
Oh God of constant presence be with me!
Oh God of constant presence be with me!

I close my eyes that I might see you in the darkness
A picture of an invisible God within my eyelids
I hope and dream and pray and sing and joyfully imagine
What it would be like if I could see you here!
What would it be like if I could see you here?

I rock back and forth, jumping, moving along to the song
As if there’s a little child trying to get out of me
A fire that wants to spread, a wind that wants to blow, a child that wants to break free
I want to be free and be with you!
I want to be free and be with you!

I sit down. I stop the flow of words. And sit silently.
Hearing voices of all people singing praise to Thee
And I thank you for Your presence in this place, with Your People Free
Oh God of constant presence be with me!
Oh God of constant presence be with me!
I want to see, I want to be free with You
I want to see, I want to be free with You!
Oh God of constant presence, You are here with me!
I want to be with You, See You, Be free with You!



Thoughts from ATF (Acquire the Fire) – 1/27/07

– What is true worship? Singing? Dancing? Emotions? Or is it Romans 12:1-2
– When we make “promises” and don’t fulfill them, isn’t that a sin?
– Why can’t we be this excited in real life? Should we be?
– We need to stand up for the truth, but we need to love- We need to bridge the gap. Lovingly spread the truth
– Should we keep jobs in the media? Yes, because then we can influence it for the better. Or, No, when we have to make comprimises and lead others astray. But how far does it go? When we are outright lying, stealing, or helping others do it, its wrong. But what about when your job is to do certain things that possibly could influence people for the worse. You could lose your good influence if you lose your job.
– When you boycott and protest certain things because of morals, shouldn’t you protest other things because of things like quality of life and humane treatment, like corporations that use sweatshops or slave labor or have little regard for their workers, things like Nike or the such. And what about companies that are connected to cigarette companies? There’s so much we don’t see, but if we get down to the nitty gritty and find out, we may not like what we find.
– Should we focus on quantity or quality in church? Numbers or strength? Can it be both?
– Emotions…. hmm… I want to get excited, but I want it spread out into my real life! I want to be real! I don’t like the mask, but it seems like I have to put it on all the time…
From the car ride home, so many thoughts. So many thoughts…

Thoughts and Observations – 1/21/07

Thoughts and Observations


1. For someone to win, someone has to lose

2. For every story of miracles, there are a hundred stories of defeat.

3. Everyone can’t have anything/everything, because then everything would be nothing

4. You never know the background, the motives, the secondary and tertiary characters, the influences, or in the story- LIFE

5. For A to be blessed, B can’t be

6. So when we aren’t being blessed, remember that’s part of our job for someone else to be blessed.

7. God can’t bless everyone with miracles, or else nothing would be sacred or special.

I’m not rock solid sure of all this stuff, but give it some thought. God is not a machine, but a person. He can do what He wants to do, and He always acts in within the characteristics of His being.

Sin- God and Me – 1/20/07

It’s amazing the different ways God and I treat sin.
He hates it. I love it.


When sin entered the garden, he sent the sinners out. I would have hung out with them, let them be my friends, and eventuall be eating some of their Fruit Loops and Fruit by the Foot.

When sin filled the world, he sent a flood to wash it clean. I would have protested, saying that if the people all heard a reasonable reason why they should stop sinning, they would. I would have been outside the ark asking for more time, eventually cursing Noah.

When Sodom and Gomorrah was filled to the brim with sin, God sent down fire and brimstone to burn it clean. I would have probably tried to change them by marrying myself to the town (proverbially), living in it and eventually becoming of it, become a Sodomite and Gomorrahite myself.

When the Israelites were making the golden calf, God got mad and almost wiped them off. I would have said “Guys, let’s ease up on this whole calf business. Slowly, bit by bit, let’s wean ourselves off worshipping it” And sooner or later I’d be singing “All Hail King Golden Calf” with the rest of them.

When the Israelites came into the promised land, God had them kill any and every tribe or city of people with different gods, so they could remain pure. I would have said, “Hey, let’s live side by side, and then once a year have a picnic and respect each other by worshipping eachother’s gods” (or if I hadn’t said it, I would have done it)

When Saul made a wrong offering just to be well regarded by his troops, God said he couldn’t be king anymore. I’d have probably just told him not to do it again and tap him across the head. Then at his next BAALapalooza party, I’d politely decline.

When David did that whole deed with Bathsheeba, God made him lose a child. I would have told him it was bad and winked, and then forgot about the whole deal, like we do these days.

When the kings of Israel sinned terribly and beyond imagination, God promised to clean the city by removing everyone into captivity, and He did so. I don’t know what I would have done.

When Manasseh sacrificed his own son through fire, I don’t know what I would have done.

When the city of Jerusalem began to sin once more, God’s servant Nehemiah threw out all of the furniture of the non-Israelite leader that was given permission to live in the temple.

I wish I could be more like Nehemiah, more like God in his view of sin.


Throw it out.
Get rid of it.
Kill it.
Smother it.
Die to it.
Rid yourself of your chains.
Go to God for freedom from it.
Run away from it.
Hate it.
Associate it with every bad thing.
Call it what it is.
Don’t tolerate it.
Don’t accept it as normal.
Refuse it.
Spit it out of your mouth and rub it into the ground.
Refute Satan’s temptations and the flesh’s longing’s with Scripture.
Despise it.
Purify yourself of it.
Never go back to it every again.


More like Nehemiah Lord.

Being Remembered- 1/18/07

Over the years that I’ve been at CCS, I have been involved in drama, music, art, salt, NHS, student council, and many more groups and organizations. I have been friends with about 40 or more students at CCS, at least those who are still there. I’ve gotten involved in the grades below me, and over the years, have gotten to know many middle school and elementary school students.

I don’t want to be forgotten.

Yes, I know that in five to 10 years, most students at school will be new or won’t remember me. But I have a strong desire within me to influence others. I like it when people look up to me, view me as a role model, but sometimes can make me want to be an idol. I want to be a hero, the best, the most excellent, number one.

But, I know I shouldn’t. I know it’s pride, envy, greed, and my power-hungry flesh working within me. I want to influence people and lead people, but I have to do it for the right reason, and in the right direction. If I simply influence people to like me or lead them to hail me as a hero, no good has been done. That’s what I see John the Baptist as a great role model.

He came into Israel like a firebrand, angering spiritual and political leaders, spurring on change, making people think, hurting feelings, but pouring out truth. He was harsh, but he knew what he had to do. “Prepare the way for the Lord”. What did that mean? Possibly to remind people, or open their minds, or start the repentance process. Whatever it entailed, John obeyed. People came to him, seeing him as a rebel, a leader, a crazy maniac who actually had an idea of how to live. He gained disciples, and grew in popularity. But his time was short.

“I baptize with water, but among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie.”

We don’t know if John really knew Jesus before the encounter at the river. Yes, they were cousins, but we don’t know when was the last time they saw each other. He could’ve been months, it could have been decades, or somewhere in between. Well, John was baptizing at Bethany, and he saw Jesus. And he said “This is the one I meant when I said, ‘A man who comes after me has surpassed me because he was before me.’ I myself did not know him, but the reason I came baptizing with water was that he might be revealed to Israel.”

Jon had to act in faith. God called him to a life of service, but he had no idea when this “person” was coming, what they would look like, what would happen, and what would happen to him, but he trusted in God, and waited on God, and God showed up.

So, in the time that God has given me, I must be all that I can be. Powerful in speech and steadfast for the truth. Devoted to God and his Word. What does that look like? I’m not sure. For John, it meant walking around in the desert eating locusts, dressed in the latest camel skin fashion. For me, all I can do is bear in mind who I am and trust that God will show up.

John called himself a voice, a witness, the friend, one from earth. The voice, not the message. A witness, not the truth. The friend, not the bridegroom. The one from earth, not the one from heaven. He was clear on how he was and who he was compared to Jesus.

I must do that too.

“He must become greater, I must become less”

Lord, I don’t want to be forgotten, but I pray that if people remember me, they will remember you as a core of my being. Help me show you in all that I am.

What do we value in our culture? – 1/17/07

What do we value in our culture?


Eventually we all get old.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Money comes and money goes.

Too much simplicity equals laziness.

Too much speed erases patience.

The more possessions,a person has, the more they want.

How can I change my life to change these encroached values?

Seven Deadly “Spiritual” Sins and Seven Life Giving Practices- 1/16/07

Seven Deadly Spiritual Sins

Spiritual pride- We have all had it at one time or another. “I’m reading my Bible, praying every day, and am the only Christian at school who sticks to their beliefs…” Pride, in any form, can be dangerous, because in it, we set ourselves on our own pedestal. Then when we realize we need God and other people to make it through life, we don’t know what to do, so we fall and stay hurt for a long time… Is it possible that Job had spiritual pride?

Spiritual lust- Is it possible? The definition of lust is “intense sexual desire or appetite” or “uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or appetite; lecherousness” or “a passionate or overmastering desire or craving” or “ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish: an enviable lust for life”
Hmm… have to think about that one…

Spiritual greed- Definitely. Definition? “Excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions”. Do we not see this in the life of certain pastors? Pastor Bob cheats little old lady out of their pensions to buy his new Lamborgini. Do we not see this in megachurches? Faith Life Church of Houston (madeup… i think) wants to look like the best church out there, so they want the best sound system, best musicians, best looking members (a little pride too?)… Do we not see this in the lives of Christians? Joe wants to have every spiritual gift (a stretch? maybe…)

Spiritual Gluttony and Spiritual Slothfulness- GOES HAND IN HAND
Sure. Fill yourself up and sit there and do nothing. Happens all the time. Most churchgoers hear the Word, read the Word, study the Word but do not pass on this knowledge, truth, wisdom to their friends, family, coworkers. They just sit on their butts and think about it. There are definitely spiritual sloths in our world today. So many believers that want to go to every conference, hear every christian cd, read every christian book, use every bible study, go to every service, etc. etc. etc. and want it all (greed perhaps?). And then there are those Christians who sit in church and do nothing. They leave their faith in the pew to be picked up again next week (although when it is picked up, it is only as an adornment [pride, perhaps])

Spiritual Envy- One of the formost. Main Street Baptist looks at 2nd Street Baptist and wishes they had the same inflow of visitors. Jordan looks at Austin and wants to be more humble, more kind, more loving than Austin (a little pride and greed mixed in too). We’re even taught spiritual envy. We read of Bible heroes and hear of their good qualities and are silently told to envy their traits and imitate them (Yes, we should have role models, we should follow biblical and spiritual leaders, we should have good examples to imitate, but sometimes preachers teach about Nehemiah and throw in guilt, basically saying “He was great. This great. Don’t you want to be that great? And he didn’t even know about Jesus. You do! How’s that sound?”) How’s that sound?

Spiritual Wrath- Oh, yes, one of the most beloved of the deadly sins. Often pointed out by the media and other nonChristians, often referred to by extreme fundamentalists as “zeal” or “standing for truth”, often the reason people leave the church. “You’re going to hell you sinner!” Yes, it might be true. But could it be said in a more loving way? No, don’t water down the message, but simply pour in some of the love Jesus showed you, you sinner! Judgment. Abuse. How many times have unbelievers been torn down or broken down by believers? Christians get spiritually wrathful and harp and scream and yell and go overboard, often taking the church down with them. Then they look back and say that it was all because of their Love for God? Hm… what about that other half of the great commandments, huh?


1. Love- God is Love. Period.
2. Forgive- Be gracious, be merciful, forgive as you have been forgiven.
3. Give- You have been given much. Give much.
4. Serve- Serve God, submitting in worship. Serve others, showing Christ.
5. Faithfulness- Be Faithful to God, Faithful to Friends and Family, Faithful to your faith
6. Hope/Dream- See the world with the eyes of Christ, be creative, be free
7. Grow- Learn. Discover. Become. Grow in Christ.

There are many more, but here’s a little looksee. looksy? hmm…