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Jesus’ Family- 10/29/07

I wonder- what if Jesus’ family ( I normally don’t use this word, but it’s the only one that fits) sucked?

He came to experience life as a human. And, well, most children in the world grow up in hard families. Actually, many children in the Bible grew up in messed up families. Jacob and Esau and their parents were a little off. David’s dad didn’t consider him a son to be considered. Moses’ sister and brother often fought with him over different stuff.
We see Jesus’ brothers telling him to do stuff from time to time. And at one time Mary and the brothers are outside and Jesus is told, and he replies that his true brothers, mother, and family are the ones that do God’s will…
I was just thinking about this. I was listening to “Face of Christ” by Chris Rice and it prompted it. I wonder if Jesus ever saw his parents fight. If he was ever over-punished. If his brothers (or sisters?) were ever treated better than him, or vice versa. If they ever insulted him, made him feel bad, weren’t there for him- I wonder… it wouldn’t make his family “evil” or so- just human…
Anyway- just a thought…

Can it be that I must come back? – 10/1/07

Lord, I thank you for kicking me out of the way. But I have a little dilemma. You see, I’m also called to be a light. And the thing is, I can’t be a light. But I want to know: Can I be the lamp? Can You be the flame? If so, can I come back? Can you take over and inhabit me and kick me into gear?
I want to reach out to others– but reach out with love that is Yours, not mine.
I want to speak of You– but I don’t want to be me doing it, just a person pouring out overflow
I want to be evidently Yours– but I don’t want it to be for fame- I want to do it for Your fame!
Can this happen? Can it be?