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A Full Life- 8/8/08

i miss having a full life.
hard to explain, but i will if so inquired.



I miss living a life with the things that fill up my life.
Imagine life as a glass. You can fill your glass with all the things you love. But sometimes it gets so full, it overflows and gets stressful and overwhelming and you get exhausted about everything. So you empty it out and just relax for a bit. Or a long, long time.
When I was out at camp, life was constantly overwhelmingly good. So after camp, I wanted to take it easy for a few days. And now it’s been about four weeks, and I’ve done barely anything of worth. I want to see some friends before I head off to Baylor, and I have to be proactive about it, and there are some people I won’t see, simply because I’ve been lazy. My glass has been empty, and I feel somewhat empty. I’ve been filling it with:
– TV
– Sleeping In
– Movies
– Relaxation
– Internet

And it doesn’t fill me up. I need to fill my glass with
– Friends
– Engaging Reading
– Doing jobs that need to be done (researching colleges, cleaning up my house)
– Working with younger people
– Things that matter
– Well, um- God.

That last one has been not a strong part of my life lately, and it’s my own fault. Eh, nothing new. Fortunately, he loves me no matter what. I wish i was more proactive about letting Him into my life.
Fortunately, I’ve been including a very important part of my life into my glass: FAMILY. It’s been great spending time with my dad, my mom, and my sister. I wish that I could spend MORE time with them, but our time together is short, so we must enjoy it while we have it.

Fill your glass with things you love. Like Chocolate-Banana milkshakes. but if you have a milkshake…
“I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!” (reference to There Will Be Blood)

peace out everyone. peace… out.