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Who are we supposed to end up with?

Who are we supposed to root for?

Who are we supposed to love?

Knives or Ramona?

And more.

In this movie, (SPOILER ALERT) towards the end, Scott flip flops back and forth between being a jerk and being brave, being smart and being foolish, choosing Ramona and choosing Knives and choosing neither.  And it’s amazing how my heart moved along with the film.

When he went with Knives, I thought “But what about Ramona?!”

When he went with Ramona, I thought “No! Knives!”

And so on.  And so forth.  And it seems that context just changed how he felt, and how I felt as well.

When he realized he had been a jerk to Knives, he went back to Knives.  When Knives encouraged him to go after Ramona, he thought that was best.  And so on and so forth.

At one point, Scott complains about how Ramona is so impulsive.  But Scott, you are.

And we are.

He makes his decisions based on that moment’s desire.  And that is usually either fight (for something we want to have) or flight (from what we once had).  Pushing for the future or running from the past.

And we are.

We must enjoy this moment in time.  Be present.  But know about the past and the future.  Do not hide or forget or pretend, but face up to reality and say, “Yeah, you’re big, you’re tough– so what.  I’m here and I’m happy.  So there.”

And we must.

For it is not only Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  We too face the foe.



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